Engagement Rings 0.7ct

0.7 carat Engagement Ring

Exclusive alternative to the classics

With the 0.7 carat engagement ring, you will certainly stand out from the crowd: 0.7 ct diamonds are not a conventional standard for engagement rings and a wonderful alternative to the half-carat and one carat classics. Because of their higher weight and the size of the middle stone, engagement rings with 0.7 carat are already an expression of luxury. Elegant and not too pompous, a 0.7 carat engagement ring is ideal to wear in every day life, side by side with a sightly plainer wedding ring. 0.7 carat engagement rings showcase your unique love but are never imposing.

Design the 0.7 carat Engagement Ring yourself

Make your dream come true with a 0.7 carat engagement ring and create your personal favourite, no trouble at all. Whether as a surprise for your loved one or together – the acredo Designer makes selecting the perfect engagement ring with 0.7 carat fun and allows for your own ideas to be added. Choose your favourite model for the engagement ring with 0.7 carat from one of our collections and determine color and alloy. Our advice: For an engagement ring with 0.7 carat, you should go for a high quality alloy in gold or platinum.

This underlines the value of your 0.7 ct diamond. Engagement rings with 0.7 carat are suitable for any setting and cut. The classical brilliant cut adds even more sparkle to the 0.7 ct diamond, while the heart shape is the symbol of your love – let us inspire you.

We are also in love with 0.7 carat Engagement Rings

Top certificates of international acclaim come with every acredo 0.7 carat engagement ring. This guarantees the exclusivity and the value of your 0.7 carat diamond ring. In our manufactory, we place great emphasis on the sophisticated workmanship of your 0.7 carat engagement ring – our designers, goldsmiths and employees in the consultation centres work with a lot of love and passion on the creation of your 0.7 carat engagement ring.

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