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The acredo Engagement Ring Designer

It is in your hands. Not only the perfect moment for the question of all questions, but also personalizing your engagement rings. Engagement rings that you have configured yourself say more than a thousand words and emphasise your true love and the unique nature of your relationship. Whether as a romantic surprise or as the result of common reflection, designing your engagement rings with the acredo engagement ring designer is easy and fun.

Create customised engagement rings: there has never been more choice

Thanks to the acredo engagement ring designer, you can design your engagement rings yourself, down to the last detail. acredo sends you to the paradise of the jewelry world. First select the ring design, ring shank and the precious metal. Then proceed to the world of stones, the sparkling diamonds: different sizes, clarity, settings and cuts are available.

Choose your favourites and bring paradise home - customising engagement rings has never been easier!

Configuring engagement rings: let your dream come true

You have seen the engagement ring of your dreams in a Hollywood film or have known what your engagement ring should look like since your childhood, then use the acredo engagement ring designer to implement your ideas. You can configure your engagement rings online, step-by-step, at anytime. If you do not have enough time to complete your work of art, then place your design on the wish list. Are you stuck with the design or do you have any questions about the quality of our rings and diamonds, then get advice at one of our stores. The proposal is in your hands, and we won’t leave you alone with the design of your engagement rings. Once the ring for her is finished, it takes but a few steps to complete the engagement ring for him. Hint: be inspired by our latest collections.

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