Harmonious Ring shapes

All of the acredo ring models have one thing in common: their shapes are absolutely harmonious.

These ring shapes are crucial when it comes to wearing comfort. An acredo ring always feels comfortable to wear.

All of our designs meet this standard. Select your favourite model.

Classic yellow or modern white?

We have always been fascinated by the warm shimmer of yellow gold. You, too? Or do you prefer romantic rosé? If your style is rather “cool”, you might even go for bright white platinum.

The Designer makes it easy for you to find the right color to match your personal style. Simply click on the color, select the ring in the corresponding color and proceed.

The purity

The purity describes the share of the most precious metal contained in a piece of jewelry. It is declared in thousandth parts.

In the case of gold, for example, 750 /- or 18ct mean that 750 of 1000 parts are gold.

Depending on the color you have selected for your ring, the Designer suggests the corresponding alloys with different purities. It provides you with an immediate overview of prices.

Ring Shank and Setting

The selection criteria ring shank and setting allow you to modify the model you have selected.

Alternative models are shown and can be selected with one click.

Take your time to compare the different options. Which one is your favourite? A straight ring shank or a ring shank that narrows towards the front. A setting with 4 or 6 prongs or a closed bezel setting that optically supports the size of the stone.

Subtle or opulent

The diamond crowns your jewelry design as a brilliant focal point.

By determining the size of the stone, you have essential influence on the style of your ring: delicate with a smaller stone or opulent with a large diamond and smaller stones on the side.

In addition to the quality of the diamond, the size of the stone is one of the main criteria for the budget. Find the balance of stone size and quality you feel comfortable with.

We love diamonds

At acredo we only offer diamonds of very good quality. Starting from a stone size of 0.3ct, every stone comes with a certificate of a renowned international testing institute. The cut is always excellent.

Personally from the heart

Unforgettable moments should be captured. Add an engraving of a date, a name or a short love message to your engagement ring.

Our acredo partners are happy to help you determine your ring size. We usually measure the circumference of your finger. Alternatively, you can also measure the inside diameter of another ring that fits you very well.

Engagement Rings with an attachment setting

In addition to the design of a solitary ring, our Wedding Ring Designer also allows for the design of engagement rings that are sure to match your subsequent wedding rings. For this purpose, the harmonious acredo profiles are combined with an attachment setting.

As soon as you have found your profile, click on “Edit stones” and “Browse stone selection”. Decide in favour of the stone shapes princess or brilliant and choose one of the prong or bezel settings.

Adjust stone size and quality, add further stones to ring shank if desired and delete Ring 2.

Dream design completed - how to proceed

As soon as you have completed your design, you can either print it out or save it on your Wish list. You can go there any time to view your dream design based on your own data.

Would you like to share your result with enthusiasm or send it via e-mail? This is also easy to do when using the Wish list.

Or you make an appointment right away with an acredo partner near you in order to not only see the shapes and models but to feel them, too.

The acredo Engagement Ring Designer

It is in your hands. Not only the perfect moment for the question of all questions, but also personalizing your engagement rings. Engagement rings that you have configured yourself say more than a thousand words and emphasise your true love and the unique nature of your relationship. Whether as a romantic surprise or as the result of common reflection, designing your engagement rings with the acredo engagement ring designer is easy and fun.

Create customised engagement rings: there has never been more choice

Thanks to the acredo engagement ring designer, you can design your engagement rings yourself, down to the last detail. acredo sends you to the paradise of the jewelry world. First select the ring design, ring shank and the precious metal. Then proceed to the world of stones, the sparkling diamonds: different sizes, clarity, settings and cuts are available.

Choose your favourites and bring paradise home - customising engagement rings has never been easier!

Configuring engagement rings: let your dream come true

You have seen the engagement ring of your dreams in a Hollywood film or have known what your engagement ring should look like since your childhood, then use the acredo engagement ring designer to implement your ideas. You can configure your engagement rings online, step-by-step, at anytime. If you do not have enough time to complete your work of art, then place your design on the wish list. Are you stuck with the design or do you have any questions about the quality of our rings and diamonds, then get advice at one of our stores. The proposal is in your hands, and we won’t leave you alone with the design of your engagement rings. Once the ring for her is finished, it takes but a few steps to complete the engagement ring for him. Hint: be inspired by our latest collections.

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