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Exclusive Engagement Rings

Exclusive Engagement Rings

Was it love at first or only at second sight? What matters is that you have already met the most precious person in your life. The woman or the man of your dreams. Exclusive engagement rings underline how you want nothing more than to spend the rest of your life together. With the choice of exclusive engagement rings, show your partner how irreplaceable she is: your love for her is as valuable as life itself. At acredo, you can either opt for exclusive engagement rings from our world-class collections or for personalised proposal rings.

Exclusive Engagement Ring: precious in more ways than one

Exclusive engagement rings are still worn as a complementary ring by many couples even after the wedding. The memorable occasions of your life, such as the proposal, wedding and honeymoon, which you link to your engagement rings, make your engagement rings exclusive pieces of jewelry. The eternity ring, a popular engagement ring, is not only unparalleled due to its multitude of small diamonds, but rather due to its high intangible value of special memories.

A valuable platinum engagement ring combined with a flawless diamond or a simple ring full of emotions and special happenings in your life - there are no limits to the exclusivity of your engagement rings.

Exclusive Engagement Rings are truly irreplaceable

With the acredo wedding ring designer, you make your engagement rings even more exclusive. Choose your favourites from our large selection of ring models and designs, and determine the setting and cut of the diamonds: brilliant-cut, princess-cut or baguette-cut. Exclusive engagement rings are the perfect proclaimers of your marriage; whether configured by yourself as a surprise for your sweetheart or selected together in one of our wide range of collections. In order for you to enjoy exclusive engagement rings even after the wedding, acredo offers timeless designs, the best materials and very high-quality workmanship.

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