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Engagement Rings in Gold

Engagement Rings made of Gold

When you think of gold, you think of magnificent castles and palaces, pure luxury or charming jewelry. Engagement rings made of gold from acredo let this dream come true. Because gold engagement rings are made for life and turn you into a queen - not only for the engagement, but every day. Many people connect gold with the most valuable goods on Earth and the happiest images from past and present: gold engagement rings are and have always been special symbols of love.

A great asset, also emotionally: Engagement Rings made of Gold

If you radiate happiness when you think of your engagement and you would like to shout your happiness out to the whole world then choose 18ct gold for your engagement rings. The rich hue of this proposal ring radiates as much as your loved one and will enchant the rest of the world with her smile. 18ct gold also adds elegance to your engagement rings, adding value and ensuring you have a stylish companion. The purity and intensity of your love shape your relationship.

Forge your own future together - with engagement rings of 18ct gold. acredo, your specialist for engagement rings in Germany, offers a wide range of proposal rings with different fine gold content and matching diamonds.

Not to be outdone: individual Engagement Rings made of Gold

Plunge into the world of gold engagement rings at acredo and discover your personal favourites. Whether part of one of our numerous collections or configured by yourself, engagement rings made of gold will always fascinate – initially as an engagement ring and later as a complementary ring. Custom engagement rings made of gold reflect your personality better than any other ring. Because your personal design and our wide range of metal qualities, diamonds and ring sizes mean the ring will remind you of certain emotions and memories. At our stores, you can test the size and height of your engagement rings made of gold and choose the right diamonds. Engagement rings made of gold turn you into the king and queen of hearts.

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