Half-Carat Engagement Rings

Half-carat Engagement Ring, half carat, half-carat by acredo

A trend, not only in the US

In the US, the half-carat engagement ring is an absolute favourite when it comes to making the perfect proposal – and who knows more about weddings than the Americans? However, not only in the US but also in Germany, the half-carat diamond is the most popular precious stone for engagement rings. And rightly so: the engagement ring with a half-carat diamond impresses with its perfect size of diamond. Not too pompous and not too discreet – the half-carat diamond is very elegant, also on smaller fingers, and draws all eyes to it.

This is how you should combine your half-carat diamond

The precious half-carat diamond deserves to be paired with a premium alloy. The precious metals gold, white gold and platinum underline the true beauty of the half-carat diamond even more. The design of your half-carat engagement ring should ignite and encourage the radiance of the wonderful precious stone.

The princess or brilliant cut as well as the setting with 4 or 6 prongs are perfect design options for the half-carat engagement ring. Stone settings at the side along the ring shank or an unusual heart shape will add even more to your half-carat diamond.

A combination of elegance: This goes well with a half-carat engagement ring

If you are choosing the classic solitaire ring for the half-carat diamond, you can combine this very well with additional pieces of jewelry with 0.5 ct diamonds. Beautiful ear studs with a half-carat diamond or a necklace 0.5 ct are the perfect match for the engagement ring and therefore a special present to your first wedding anniversary or your loved one’s birthday. These pieces of jewelry additionally underscore the elegance of the half-carat diamond and make for a sophisticated accessory on an evening out. acredo guarantees the high quality of your half-carat engagement ring with a top certificate of an independent international testing institute.

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