One-Carat Engagement Rings

One Carat Engagement Ring 1.0 Carat

The perfection of your love

The one carat engagement ring is the ultimate crowning of your love. Women have always swooned over the sparkle and glamour of a one carat diamond. The symbolism of a one carat engagement ring will make your loved one happy every day and on special occasions alike. With a one carat engagement ring, you show her that she is the unique love of your life and you set a sign for a brilliant future together. Perfect like your love, pure like your loyalty and luxurious like a princess – a one carat engagement ring is an expression of your feelings and radiates a warmness of heart.

Pure luxury: Engagement ring 1.0 carat in platinum

The valuable one carat diamond deserves to be paired with a premium precious metal. We therefore recommend noble platinum or warm 18 ct gold as the alloy of choice for your one carat engagement ring. A classic solitaire ring sets the ideal stage for the 1.0 ct diamond and is the true classic among engagement rings.

An excellent cut such as the brilliant cut and a unique ring shank from our Solitaire, Cordial or Charisma collections make your one carat diamond ring perfect. An exciting, sparkling 1.0 ct diamond in harmony with the most precious metals – this will be a unique token of your love.

Perfection times three: the 1.0 carat engagement ring by acredo

The manufacturing standard of your one carat diamond ring in our workshop is as perfect as your love and as the clarity of the 1.0 ct diamond. Excellent cut workmanship, fine setting of the diamond and exquisite integration of the ring shank – our goldsmiths work with great expertise and finesse to perfectly finish your 1.0 carat engagement ring. This guarantees excellent wearing comfort and years of pleasure with your one carat diamond. Go for a one carat diamond by acredo with a top certificate of international acclaim and raise the enthusiasm in your lady of hearts with an engagement ring 1.0 ct in a class of its own. uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service. We also use third party cookies. For details see our privacy policy.