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Quarter-Carat Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring with 0.25 carat, quarter-carat diamonds by acredo

Quarter-carats make the dream of a diamond ring come true

Engagement rings with 0.25 carat are the ideal alternatives for all those lovers who want to make their dream of a diamond ring come true. While it is slightly smaller than a one carat diamond, it sparkles enough to win the heart of your loved one and make your proposal perfect by presenting her with a diamond ring: engagement rings with a quarter-carat diamond are affordable and totally romantic.

Quarter-carat diamond: you determine the quality

Grams are for gold what carat are for diamonds. Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. One carat corresponds to 0.2 gram. As a result, 0.25 carat engagement rings are light and therefore comfortable to wear. With acredo, you can precisely define the quality of your quarter-carat diamond by setting the remaining 3 Cs – Color, Clarity and Cut.

In order to support you with this, we have already preselected the best qualities, so that you will always get a quarter-carat diamond of premium quality at acredo. Adding subtle stones to the ring shank adds even more value to your engagement ring with a quarter-carat diamond and makes it special.

This is how you make your quarter-carat diamond sparkle

Even though quarter-carat diamonds are slightly smaller than the classic one carat diamonds, the precious stone in the engagement ring can still be wonderfully set in scene. Let our employees advise you or use the acredo Designer to test the ways in which your engagement ring with a quarter-carat diamond is best expressed. Top priority for a quarter-carat diamond: choose a setting that suits you. The 0.25 carat diamond can be a brilliant-cut diamond or a princess-cut diamond. It can sit in very different settings such as the 4-prong, 6-prong or bezel setting. A ring shank with the alloys white gold or platinum enhances the light reflections of the diamond and turns your quarter-carat diamond into a true eye-catcher. If the diamond is furthermore cut in brilliant-cut, the engagement ring quarter-carat will unfold its full radiance.

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