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The Solitaire

The original meaning of the word solitaire as a solitary person with respect to your special love is deliberately ambiguous. Because by giving your partner a solitaire as a present, you want to emphasise your affection: in future your partner shall no longer be solitary - instead, you will embark upon a common, trustful path together. The diamond set in the solitaire ring is the radiant focal point. As a centre stone on the solitaire, set in a four or six prong setting, it lets not only the heart of your loved one shine, but also the whole world.

The Solitaire Engagement Ring

Even though Prince William and Duchess Catherine announced their engagement to the general public with Lady Diana’s blue sapphire ring, the solitaire has long since replaced the sapphire ring as an engagement ring. Because no-one can resist its radiance. The sparkling diamond is not hidden by the prong setting and and therefore absorbs the light from all directions. A white bezel setting seems to enlarge the diamond optically because the human eye perceives no limits between the setting and the stone, they appear to merge together. Like the love in your hearts.

Of course, you can continue to enjoy the glittering solitaire after the wedding. Wear it as a complementary ring or on another finger. The solitaire is too beautiful to be discarded after the wedding!

Configure the appearance of your Solitaire yourself

With the acredo wedding ring designer, you can design the solitaire yourself and express the high value of your engagement. You have many modern options especially for the solitaire. If the classic shape of the diamonds is not exciting enough, have a look at different, trendy ring shanks such as, for example, the “Cordial” collection, which is takes up the heart theme, either discreetly or strikingly open. Neither do you need to decide on the traditional brilliant cut, you can also choose a princess or baguette cut. With the acredo designer, you can customise your solitaire very easily step-by-step: you choose your favourite design and then decide on the color, the metal and the quality and size of the diamonds. If you get stuck, we will be glad to advise you in one of your local stores. Conquer the heart of your dream girl with an individually designed solitaire ring from acredo.

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