White Gold Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings made of White Gold

Your engagement, your wedding or your marriage: are all special events created by the wonderful interplay and harmony of two people’s love for each other. Engagement rings of white gold reflect this fusion of lovers. In its natural soft state, gold cannot be used for jewelry production and needs a strong partner at its side. Fine white gold is the result of pure gold with the bright precious metal palladium. This means engagement rings made of white gold are a true symbol of marriage from the beginning.

Engagement rings made of white gold: radiance three-fold

Each marriage proposal and each wedding seals unique phases of your life. The high quality rhodium layer on your engagement rings made of white gold ensures a bright white finish and is the last, perfect touch to your proposal rings. It is not just the dream couple and the diamond that will be radiant, but the ring also shines in a special way. Furthermore, engagement rings made of white gold can be combined perfectly with other jewelry pieces, especially watches and your future wedding rings.

As nickel is no longer used in making white gold, white gold engagement rings are a joy for skin and soul. Also, the timeless white gold allows for the diamonds and their radiance to stand out. Let yourself be fascinated by the special blend of gold and bright precious metals!

Your personal style is in demand

With the acredo wedding ring designer you can not only look at various white gold engagement rings online and easily from the comfort of your home, you can also design them individually. Configure your proposal rings according to your personal style and determine the individual elements of your engagement rings made of white gold. Small or large diamond, prong setting or bezel setting: we make your white gold engagement rings entirely according to your preferences. Let your ideas merge with those of your partner and address any questions that may arise to our staff at one of our stores. Not only your engagement, but also your white gold engagement rings are the result of your harmonious relationship.

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