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Memoire ring, memory ring, eternity ring or alliance ring. Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure: with a eternity ring from acredo, your memories of the most beautiful events in your life together as a couple will not only be locked in your heart. The eternity ring is certainly the most emotional piece of jewelry that a woman can wear. By incorporating small sparkling diamonds, the ring reminds us of our life together with our unique counterpart. Every single precious stone is a symbol for an unforgettable event: your wedding, moving in together, the birth of your children and many more. Decide yourself what you want to record with your eternity ring and how you want to wear it: as a complementary ring, engagement ring or simply as a wedding ring.

The Eternity Ring: carrying lots of memories

Your marriage will offer you many happy moments: children, dream vacations or wonderful wedding anniversaries. There is space for all this and more on your eternity ring. Initially, the ring has just 2-3 diamonds; it can then be enriched throughout your entire life with small and big memories.

The precious stones are set in a straight ring shank and may be set with small precious metal elements between the diamonds if you so desire. All the diamonds are cut in the same style to ensure the appearance of your eternity ring is consistent and well composed: brilliant cuts are the classic, but princess cuts and the emerald cuts are also very popular.

Design your Eternity Ring, not only symbolically

You live unforgettable moments and determine, which events you want to symbolically accompany you forever on your eternity ring. With the acredo designer, you can also design the look of your eternity ring. Choose the arrangement of the diamonds yourself: 4 prong setting, single or double ring shank, straight bar and much more. In addition, you can select the material and the metal to match your wedding ring and select which stones you would like. Our consultants will gladly advise you in our stores and discuss the final steps with you. Thus, your eternity ring or complementary ring will reflect 100% you and your marriage: symbolically as well as visually.

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