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Absolute Individuality

Inspiring design, exquisite workmanship and absolute individuality are the hallmarks of the acredo products.

In addition to our individual designs of wedding and engagement rings, we also offer individual designs of necklaces, earrings, diamond rings and especially eternity rings.

You simply select the model you like best and transform it into your new favourite in just a few, clear steps.

The Color

Which color suits your type best? Shall this jewelry match already existing jewelry? Shall the setting underline the radiance of the diamonds? Answer these questions before selecting the color.

The acredo jewelry designer shows you your favourites in several colors to provide you with a better idea. Choose your favourite color with one click.

The purity

After having selected the color, the jewelry designer will automatically ask you for the kind of alloy you prefer.

The purity describes the share of the most precious metal contained in a piece of jewelry. It is declared in thousandth parts. In the case of gold, for example, 750 /- or 18ct means that 750 of 1000 parts are gold.

The price is calculated immediately, providing you with a budget overview at any point in time.

Model alternatives

Those who like to experiment or are indecisive will find alternatives matching their current selection when clicking on “Model”.

Small details often make a huge difference and you suddenly feel better about a different model. Just try it.

We offer each type of pendant with different chains. When you select a necklace, for instance, we offer different chains to match the pendant - and when you choose a pendent, various chains are offered.

In the case of earrings you simply change the setting and for eternity rings the model.

The Stones

The size of the stones primarily defines the size of the jewelry.

In the case of eternity rings, we offer you a special feature. Here you can determine not only the size of the individual stone but also the number of stones. In addition to eternity rings with half and full settings, you can also go for 1, 3, 5 or 7 stones. Diamonds as precious memories for the special moments in your life.

We only offer very high-quality diamonds at acredo. The stones’ excellent quality from 0.3ct is confirmed by a certificate issued by renowned international testing institutes. We place particular emphasis on the cut, shown in the Hearts & Arrows collection.

We love diamonds

At acredo, we always offer you only very good diamond qualities. Above a stone size of 0.3 ct, each stone has a certificate from renowned international testing institutes.The finish is always excellent.

Engraving and ring size

At acredo we are highly flexible when it comes to the engraving. From the classic date to terms of endearment to drawings, our laser technology makes everything possible. Be creative.

If you want to determine the ring size yourself, there are several options: either you take a ruler to measure the inner diameter of a ring that fits you, or you take a piece of thread to measure the circumference of the finger on which you will wear the ring. However, these measuring methods are not very precise.

Our specialists in the stores will be happy to assist you by determining the correct ring size with the acredo size measure.

The Wish list

As soon as you have completed your design, you can either print it out or save it on your Wish list. You can go there any time to view your dream design based on your own data.

Would you like to share your result with enthusiasm or send it via e-mail? This is also easy to do when using the Wish list.

Or you make an appointment right away with an acredo partner near you in order to not only see the shapes and models but to feel them too.

Discover your store

The acredo Jewelry Designer

Whether engagement rings or wedding rings, matching jewelry is a must. With the acredo jewelry designer, you can personalise your jewelry. Your diamond jewelry will then perfectly match your outfit. Design your own extraordinary pieces of jewelry - whether ear studs, necklace, eternity ring or solitaire ring - with the acredo jewelry designer. Combine just as you like, true to your ideas and wishes. The result will please you for a lifetime!

Customise jewelry: how to design your own earrings & co.

If you have already designed your engagement or wedding ring, you also have free choice in configuring the corresponding pieces of jewelry. acredo, your specialist for diamond jewelry, offers a variety of design options for your unique jewelry. For example, if you decide on a necklace, you can select both the color and style of the chain as well as the setting, clarity and size of the sparkling stone in the pendant. Enjoy combining and see any small change immediately on the screen.

Also, when you configure your earrings you determine the color, setting and quality of the stone. This means that you can coordinate the necklace and earrings, or you can deliberately go down an entirely different path.

Configuring jewelry: no problem for eternity rings and solitaires

The particular strength of the acredo jewelry designer is its ability to incorporate not only personal memories but also your style in your eternity ring. The stones on each model can be changed to make ever new variations by changing the stone size and number. Furthermore, there are many more choices for the engraving, metal quality, stones and much more for your own individual eternity ring and solitaire ring design. Our consultants in your area will be happy to help you to perfect your designs. And you will soon be able to wear your individual jewelry on your ears, fingers or neck!

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