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Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings from acredo

One of the most popular accessories for ladies’ earrings. Diamond earrings by acredo are the perfect finishing touch to your loved one’s outfit – for her grand entrance, at the wedding, or in everyday life. Decide on diamond earrings that are a perfect match to the wedding ring or engagement ring and that harmonise perfectly with these valuable pieces of jewelry. Whether classically simple diamond studs or particularly striking diamond earrings, acredo has a wide selection of diamond earrings that you can configure yourself.

Another symbol of your love: diamond earrings by acredo

Diamond earrings are available from acredo in various metals and shapes. We offer diamond earrings in all possible metals to match your skin tone and in line with your personal preferences. A gold setting again underlines your unique and valuable love. Earrings in white gold are timeless and will be the perfect addition to your wedding rings, even after many years. You can express your love even further with the shape of your ear studs and earrings such as,

for example, a star shape accentuated by a 6 prong setting. Bring the stars down from heaven for your partner or show her that your heart only beats for her!

If it doesn’t fit, we’ll make it fit

If you like to add a personal touch or if you have already configured your wedding rings yourself, you can also design your own diamond earrings with the acredo designer. In addition to wedding and engagement rings, you can also tailor and design ear studs and earrings to suit you personally. Ear studs or earrings - white gold or platinum - square or round precious stones: you can choose this and much more with the acredo jewelry designer and immediately see the results on your screen. Our consultants will show you your individual diamond earrings in our stores and agree on the final details with you. You are the designers of your wedding and your marriage. Design also your engagement ring, wedding ring and matching earrings yourself. The acredo designer makes it possible and totally unique!

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