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Timeless beauty meets German manufactory quality. Combine subtle design details with outstanding profile shapes. Modern classics with personality for your love.


You can find true statements for your love at acredo. Seductive platinum, broad ring shanks and a clear design lend significance to the wedding rings. A source of inspiration for your deep bond - not only clearly visible but also valuable.


Natural beauty is reflected in these sensuous pieces of jewelry by acredo. The wave motion of the sea, the harmony of gently rolling landscapes captured in decorative designs for your love.


Luxury - breathtaking rings for your life together At acredo, you are able to embellish your rings or jewelry with an abundance of unusual stones. Sparkling bands of brilliant-cut diamonds, rings fully covered in diamonds and diamonds with international top certificates await you.


Modern lifestyle is characterized by pace and change. It calls for straightforward jewelry for changing circumstances. Create rings or jewelry for your heart’s desire with our innovative designer. Accentuated with a diamond or subtle details.


The sectioning, the colors and not least the engraving of your love message ensure each acredo wedding ring is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Take time as a couple and let your creativity run free. You design and we make your wedding ring dreams come true.


Tender feelings turn into great love Celebrate the most special day of your life with acredo wedding rings. Tender rosé gold with a beautiful heart diamond, feminine engagement rings or delicate eternity rings tell stories about the romantic moments in life.

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