Style test

Get comfortable, take your time to read the questions and off you go. Make a note of the answer that suits you for each question. At the end of the test, you will be provided with an analysis of your personal style. Have fun with our Style test.

How is your home furnished?

  • My furnishings are traditional and timeless, with warm wood tones and muted colors.

  • Sparse designer furniture, white, black and chrome set the scene for me.

  • Wood makes me feel good in my surroundings. I love the feel of natural materials. Indispensable for me.

  • I like to be surrounded by velvet, silk and gold.

  • A loft would be my dream - with just a few uncomplicated pieces of furniture.

  • I like color. I like to combine my favourite furniture with artefacts from the flea market. From time to time I rearrange everything.

  • Playful is the word for me. I love rosé and light blue. Surrounded by all kinds of flowers - also on the wallpaper.

What is your favourite city?

  • Paris - the flair of Paris is unique, the chic of Paris is legendary.

  • New York - clearly. The city is lively, glamorous and full of surprises.

  • I like Stockholm - the casualness of the Swedes, the many small islands and the water.

  • Dubai - sunshine throughout the year, amazing architecture, luxury hotels and shopping to your heart's content - as in the tales of Arabian Nights.

  • Berlin - a city that has reinvented itself. Opportunities galore, lots of faces and a lot of fun.

  • Rome - the city of pasta, vino and amore. Always somewhat chaotic, but with a whole lot of passion. Just like me.

  • I love Venice - romantic places, trips on gondolas and the Italian “dolce vita”.

How did he conquer your heart?

  • He is simply a gentleman.

  • Conquered? If I like someone, I take the initiative.

  • A trip out to the countryside ended with a heavenly picnic.

  • At a dinner for two at a gourmet starred restaurant.

  • With his charm and his dancing talent.

  • He kept giving me small notes with pictures or messages of love.

  • With flowers and a poem that he wrote himself. He conquered my heart with things that came from his heart.

What shoes accompany you?

  • Classic court shoes

  • Ravishing patent leather boots

  • Worn out sneakers

  • Gold and crystal embellished high heels

  • Sneakers and business shoes

  • I have many different and very colorful styles

  • Ballerina flats in pastel colors

How do you like to style your hair?

  • Bob or pulled back in a bun is perfect for me.

  • An accurate hair cut is the be-all and end-all.

  • I like to leave my hair down for a natural look.

  • I love big hair, styling is very important to me. My visits to the hairdressers are regular and often.

  • Styling my hair has to be quick and it should last all day. This needs a perfect cut.

  • Backcombed, plaited, dyed - depending on my mood.

  • Curly with headband or braided.

What are your weekend evening plans?

  • We’re going to this chic new restaurant.

  • We’re going to my favourite underground club.

  • I most like to relax and cook with friends.

  • A candlelight dinner with my loved one.

  • A gallery opening followed by music with a DJ. This is my favourite.

  • Just drifting through the night.

  • I snuggle on my couch and read.

Ihr Style: Elegant

Your wardrobe is not experimental. You've found your classic-elegant style, which bets on quality not quantity. You love clean lines and subtle colors, with a hint of nonchalance.

You prefer discreet designs that reveal the special detail only on second glance, so e.g. rings with a double ring band, rosé on the inside and white-gold on the outside. Your elegant style is highlighted by simple, high-quality designs with princess or baguette-cut diamonds, as well as diamond rings with settings from the Charisma collection with matching pendant and earrings.

Ihr Style: Cool

You steer well clear of brightly colored garments or floral patterns. You love minimalist or symmetrical shapes. Clean, simple and beautiful is your aspiration - no swank, just purist, cool chic. You tend to lean towards architectural forms rather than on nature, and love contrasts such as black and white. And if your look rubs someone up the wrong way? You take it in your stride - quite coolly, in fact.

As a cool kind of person, you prefer monochrome jewelry from the whole range of white metals - from silver to platinum. You also love purist, modern and clear-cut designs with clearly arranged stones.

Ihr Style: Natural

You love the outdoors. This is reflected in your style - ecologically aware, yet not old fashioned, that’s the name of your game. Instead of elaborate makeup, you prefer a subtle look that highlights your natural beauty. You like to dress in pastel shades and warm earth tones.

As a natural type, you pick rings with a wave-shaped pattern, an organically shaped ring shank, or with the unusual mokume gane structure. You prefer floral designs for solitaires.

Ihr Style: Luxury

You love designer brands, champagne, fine dining and long weekends in luxury hotels. You enjoy life to the fullest. You like life to be exclusive yet subtle and you place great value on reliability - it is quality, not quantity that counts. Money only plays a minor role in the process.

As a luxury type, you love large and unusual stone settings, especially diamond bands on the side, rings with tension settings - magnificent pieces of jewelry for those special moments, unique solitaires with large diamonds and matching earrings and necklaces perfectly meet your needs.

Ihr Style: Urban

You like uncomplicated looks that see you through your turbulent everyday life. You like it casual, but it should also look good and be in line with modern times. You are highly international and trend-conscious, sometimes something of a trendsetter. You love simple styling with fun accessories and you use color to set an accent.

As an urban type, you like to go for broad, striking rings, whether they have a special play of colors or a discreet surface. Single-color and bi-color rings with stone settings also complement your city-style perfectly.

Ihr Style: Creative

You are open to everything new and unusual, are not afraid of color, you love unusual patterns and designs and like to try everything out. There is no boredom in your wardrobe. You have no qualms about trying out new things with your clothes to create a unique style.

As a creative type, you like rings with unusual color combinations, e.g. subtle greyish-white with a hint of red, collections with special stones, such as princess and baguette-cut diamonds, striking details such as extravagant patterns or settings. The designer with its infinite number of possibilities is a godsend for you. You can let your creativity run free and have an immediate idea of the price.

Ihr Style: Romantic

As a romantic, you like feminine designs - floral patterns, delicate rosé tones, loving attention to detail. Dresses with floral patterns are your favourites - and not only in summer. You like to underline your romantic look with ornate accessories such as flower brooches.

As a romantic type, you love delicate engagement rings. The diamond setting could well be heart-shaped. Your jewelry heart is quickly won over with a personal engraving on the ring. And as a grand finale, there is the possibility of a eternity ring with a gradually growing number of diamonds.


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