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Profiles with high wearing comfort

The cross section of the ring in the shape of the ring shank is referred to as the ring profile. This determines the way the ring feels on your finger.

acredo’s profiles have been rendered to perfection in every way. Whether softly convex or straight and graphical - absolute wearing comfort is key.

Use the Designer to easily select different profiles and gain an impression of the way the profile shape changes the character of the ring.

Fine or wide

By determining the width of the ring you determine whether your ring will be narrow and delicate or wide and expressive.

Depending on the profile, acreco offers you the choice between ring widths of 2.00 to 10.00mm. The width of the ring is also determined by the proportions of your hand.

The higher the ring, i.e. how far inside and outside of the ring are apart, the more stable the ring.

Uni- or multi-colored

A ring does not always have to be uni-colored and smooth-surfaced. Give free reign to your creativity.

The composition of the ring shank offers a wide variety of design options: from a smooth, uni-colored ring to rings consisting of several layers in different colors.

The Wedding Ring Designer provides you with a definition of the most popular compositions.

Grooves as design elements

FGrooves are little indentations in the material and service as design elements on the one hand, but are also needed to separate two materials or surfaces.

From the frequently used V-groove to the harmonic wave-shaped groove or the popular Saturn-groove, acredo offers you a very broad range in difference widths.

Sun-yellow or bright white

Do you like the warm glow of classic yellow gold or are your more fascinated by the cool elegance of white precious metals? Just try it.

The acredo Designer also offers you the choice between flattering rosé, extravagant red, green and a more subtle grey.

Perhaps you decide to use more than one color, for example by adding rosé accents to a white ring?

The purity

As soon as you have determined the color of your ring, the purity determines the available alloys.

If you go for rosé, for instance, acredo offers you the choice between rosé gold 585/- and rosé gold 750/-. The prices are directly displayed on the website.

All of the designs can be configured in several gold, palladium and platinum alloys.

Polished or structured

The surface structure is a strong design element.

The classic ring shines because of its polished surface. If you prefer a subtle, rather design oriented surface, you can go for sand matted or vertical matted.

Slantwise or ice matted and hammered surfaces impress with a more unusual or stronger structure.

Purist or sparkling

The magic of diamonds is our passion. We are therefore offering you diamond bands at particularly attractive prices.

The Designer unfolds its full capacity when it comes to the stones: one or more diamonds, on the outside of the ring, on its side or even inside. Everything is possible.

The stone library provides you with a comfortable overview of the most popular options, which can be freely further developed - the sky is the limit.

By selecting the number of stones, their sizes and quality, up to choosing a different color, the utmost level of individuality is reached.

Personal Engraving and ring size

A personal message of love crowns every piece of jewelry. We will engrave this message either the traditional way, on the inside of the ring, or more openly on the outside.

Innovative laser technology by acredo allows for conventional engravings such as name and date but also the artistic version of free drawings.

Our acredo partners are happy to help you determine your ring size. We usually measure the circumference of your finger. Alternatively, you can also measure the inside diameter of another ring that fits you very well.

Your Wish list

You have designed the ring of your dreams? Save it on your personal wish list.

Based on your name, postal code and date of birth you will be able to access it whenever you want.

Would you like to share your result with enthusiasm or send it via e-mail? This is also easy to do when using the Wish list.

The acredo Wedding Ring Designer

Design the ring yourself or let us design for you. With acredo, you have the choice. You can use our wedding ring designer to design your own wedding rings. The acredo wedding ring designer is ideal for couples who love the extraordinary, who like to be creative or who would like to take first steps in the world of wedding rings. Thanks to our wide selection of ring styles, there is something for every type of person and every style: trendy vs. classic - sparkling vs. simple - luxurious vs. discreet. Make your dreams come true and become the designer of your own unique symbols of love!

The acredo wedding ring designer: the best way to your perfect wedding rings

Wedding rings accompany you throughout your married life as a sign of your sincere love. The selection and the design of your wedding rings should be considered very carefully to ensure you are happy with them all your life. With the acredo wedding ring designer, you can conveniently do this from the comfort of your own home, at any time and with just a few mouse clicks.

Inspired by our collections, Hollywood trends or weddings of friends, you can try out different designs and change any individual components such as shape, color, metal, surface and stone setting.

Configuring wedding rings: unique rings in just a few steps

Your partner, a computer, some ideas and a cup of tea or a glass of sparkling wine - that is all you need to configure your rings! As a first step, determine the dimensions and the shape of the bride's ring. You can then select any color you want. Combine colors and textures freely according to your special wishes. Now the ladies come to the most enjoyable part of designing: the selection of the diamond. Sparklingly striking or elegantly simple - configure the ring yourself. And finally, it’s the gentleman’s turn: your rings are displayed according to the bride's model; just the size and width have to be adjusted. Finally, you can test the wearing comfort and harmony of your configured ring on your hand and place the order for the rings at one of our stores. Personalising your wedding rings has never been easier!

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