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Wedding Rings in Platinum

Wedding Rings made of Platinum

Get married and celebrate this event with a special fête. Your special day should be a day to remember throughout your life. Be reminded of this special day every day for the rest of your lives: choose platinum wedding rings. And one thing is certain: you will enjoy this special feeling of marrying with wedding rings made of platinum years later. Wedding rings made of platinum are characterised by their high purity. Platinum is white through and through, especially resistant and durable, extremely valuable and exclusive. It is the queen of all materials: platinum is much rarer than gold and, therefore, even more valuable. It is approximately 30 times rarer than gold.

Platinum wedding rings for every day

Due to its technical characteristics, platinum is particularly well suited as a material for intensely used jewelry such as wedding rings: platinum does not fade and is one hundred per cent color-fast, shows fewer signs of wear and is very skin-friendly. Platinum’s degree of purity is 95%. In comparison, 18 carat white gold is just 75% pure.

In contrast to white gold, the precious metals in the platinum group are naturally white. White stands for originality, purity, naturalness and the distinctiveness of your love. Due to its special resilience and the fact that is shows practically no abrasion, platinum holds diamonds in place on your wedding rings better than most other precious metals. This means: platinum is the best material for setting stones safely.

Design wedding rings made of platinum

Design your wedding rings made of platinum online - the acredo wedding ring designer is easy to use and shows you lots of variations. Or choose from our wide range of beautiful and also unique platinum wedding rings. We will gladly advise you on site in one of our numerous stores – take inspiration from the suggestions of our experienced consultants. No matter what ring you choose: platinum wedding rings represent pure emotion, throughout your life.

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