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White Gold Wedding Rings

White Gold Wedding Rings

Trends come and go. Real style remains. Wedding rings made of white gold are classics, which have proven themselves for decades. White gold is as constant as true love. Wedding rings made of white gold have been very popular since the origins of white gold in jewelry production in 1912. Bridal couples appreciate the advantages: white gold looks like platinum, but is less expensive and easier to work with. And the quality is higher than silver: it does not oxidise and no unsightly discoloration occurs over time - therefore, white gold wedding rings are a perfect alternative for those who appreciate beauty. Wedding rings made of white gold are available at acredo in 14ct and 18t metals.

Perfect for combining: white gold wedding rings

Wedding rings made of white gold are especially unique when combined with a precious stone. Hardly any other precious metal goes together so well with diamonds, for example, as white gold.

Thanks to the simple elegance as a base, white gold wedding rings set the scene perfectly for diamonds, also colored ones. But also wedding rings made of pure white gold, without stone setting, let hearts miss a beat - not only on this one wonderful day. Discover now the wide range of wedding rings made of white gold at acredo, your specialist for engagement rings, wedding rings and jewelry.

Create your wedding ring made of white gold

Your white gold wedding ring can be as unique as your love, exclusive: discover the countless design possibilities in our wedding ring designer. Decide what suits you best and how you imagine your white gold wedding rings should be. If you would rather choose jewelry by our designers: you will love our large selection of wedding rings made of white gold. Opt for a sophisticated style and a timeless look.

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