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Eternity ring highlights

Let us surprise you

Because diamonds and thus also eternity rings are close to our hearts, we have compiled an extremely appealing selection of our highlights for you.

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Eternity rings by stone size

Choose the perfect proportion

The size or weight (carat) of the single stone defines the width of the ring. Go one a journey of discovery and create your own design. There are many possibilities awaiting you: from charming narrow eternity rings to opulent statements.

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Eternity rings by number of stones

Select your favourites now

Every stone a memory of a special moment. Let the stone setting grow with each wonderful moment or decide on a half or luxurious full pavé eternity ring.

Eternity rings in platinum

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The memories that are enveloped in each eternity ring make it an exclusive piece of jewelry. Full pavé eternity rings in platinum with brilliant-cut, princess-cut or baguette-cut diamonds are even more precious.

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Eternity rings in gold

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acredo eternity rings are as varied as life itself. Elegant white gold, warm yellow gold, romantic rose gold or extravagant red gold together with the excellent diamonds lend each eternity ring its very own character.

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The magic of diamonds

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We love diamonds. Therefore, we only offer excellent diamond qualities. At acredo, every diamond from 0.3 ct has a top certificate of international acclaim.

Colored eternity rings

Let us inspire you

Sky blue, apple green and cherry red - these are just a few of the tempting diamond colors you can use to design your eternity ring.

You could also select one of the glorious sapphire colors for your own personal showpiece.

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Eternity wedding rings

Love at first sight

Ravishingly elegant combinations with discreet men's ring and ladies' rings with sparkling diamonds await you.

Ring sets with eternity rings

Combining your joy

Eternity rings don’t come alone. They are perfect for being combined with other rings. Let us inspire you so that you can create your own stack of joy.

acredo eternity rings

A eternity ring allows you to capture the value of the moment. Eternity rings – also referred to as eternity rings or alliance rings – stand for particularly emotional jewelry pieces of memory and are considered a sign of appreciation for the time spent together with the loved one – also ideal as engagement or wedding rings.

A diamond band of memories – eternity rings

They have neither a beginning nor an end – eternity rings are a symbol of eternity and undying love. Each diamond represents a special event. The engagement and the wedding, the first own home, children or a promotion – the happiness experienced together is beautifully crowned with a diamond and immortalised in a eternity ring. Two variants are possible when collecting the precious stones: if the diamonds are set in sequence on the upper part of the ring, new diamonds can be added gradually. All those beautiful moments together can turn the eternity ring into a closed diamond band. However, the ring shank can also be completely filled from the beginning. Alliance rings of this model are a very popular choice as a wedding ring.

Design variations for acredo eternity rings

The common feature of a eternity ring is a row of precious stones, all of the same size. At acredo, there is an abundant range of possibilities to help you design your individual piece of jewelry. Hint: Eternity rings are also very well suited as a complementary ring to a wedding ring. Choose from a wide range of different alloys, metal colors and shapes, stone sizes, diamond colors and settings. Alliance rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum are particularly beautiful. A very popular choice is the channel setting, in which the diamonds are set between two full-perimeter rails made of precious metal. In the bar setting, diamond and precious metal alternate on the ring shank. Several parallel diamond bands are referred to as a Pavé setting – held “invisibly”, this makes the band look like a continuous surface of gemstones.

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