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Affordable Eternity Rings

Affordable Eternity Rings by acredo

Memories forever - in your heart and on your finger

Carry precious memories, not only in your heart but also on your finger - eternity rings by acredo are the perfect piece of jewelry to do this. A eternity ring is synonymous for the eternity of your love. Each diamond on the ring symbolizes a special moment in your life - your wedding, moving in to your new home together, the birth of your child. You alone decide, which unforgettable moments your ring should visualise.

Eternity rings by acredo: a loyal companion at a good price

Wonderful memories need not always be expensive. acredo offers you a unique alternative to design affordable eternity rings. eternity rings with 3 or 5 stones or half pavé eternity rings are affordable versions of the eternity ring. You decide how many diamonds you would like on your ring and what special moments you would like to keep forever. Whether you choose warm yellow gold or classic white gold - eternity rings in 14 ct gold (585) are affordable highlights.

Affordable eternity rings by acredo are easy to combine, harmonize perfectly with your wedding ring and will please you throughout your life.

Affordable yet unique: acredo eternity rings

The unforgettable moments kept forever in your eternity ring and the individual design of your ring contribute to its uniqueness. We design your eternity ring together, either in one of our wedding ring centres or with our acredo ring designer, depending on your budget - from affordable to exclusive. The type of alloy and the number and type of precious stones on your eternity ring determine the price of the ring. We will show you various affordable versions of eternity rings and will accompany you along the path to your personal affordable favourite piece of jewelry.

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