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0.25 ct Engagement Rings

The quarter carat engagement rings with 0.25 ct diamonds from acredo are combination artists that radiate discreet elegance.

Wear your quarter carat 0.25 ct pure or add a set of stones to the band. The result is always your personal favourite.

Which 0.25 ct engagement ring is right for me? Choose a design and determine the quality of the diamonds. Very easy.

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0.25 ct Engagment Rings - Quarter Carats from acredo

Quarter carats realise the dream of a diamond ring

Engagement rings with 0.25 carats are the perfect alternative for all lovers who want to make their dream of a diamond ring come true. Although somewhat smaller than one carat, they are radiant enough to capture the heart of your beloved and perfect the marriage proposal with a diamond ring: Quarter carat engagement rings are affordable and totally romantic.

0.25 ct engagement rings: you set the quality

What the gram is to gold, the carat is to diamonds. Carats indicate the weight of a diamond. One carat corresponds to 0.2 grams. Engagement rings 0.25 carats are therefore light and comfortable to wear. You can precisely determine the quality of your quarter carat with acredo by defining the remaining 3 Cs - colour, clarity and cut - yourself. To assist you, we have already pre-selected the best qualities. With acredo you will always receive a 0.25 ct engagment ring with first-class diamonds. Adding your 0.25ct diamond with fine stone setting to the ring band will further enhance your quarter carat engagement ring and make it extra special.

How to make your quarter carat sparkle

Even though quarter carats are slightly smaller than the classic 1 carat, the gemstone in the engagement ring can still be beautifully accentuated. Our staff will be happy to advise you on this or you can use the acredo configurator to test for yourself how your engagement ring with a quarter carat can best be expressed. The most important thing with a quarter carat is to choose a setting that suits you. The 0.25 carat diamond can be a brilliant or princess diamond. It can be set in a wide variety of settings, such as the 4-prong, 6-prong or bezel setting. A ring band in the alloys white gold or platinum wonderfully supports the light reflections of the diamond and makes your quarter carat diamond a real eye-catcher. If the diamond is also cut in a brilliant-cut shape, the quarter-carat engagement ring demonstrates its full radiance.