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Diamond Engagement Rings

Browse engagement rings with diamonds and a certain charisma. The Charisma collection features creative engagement rings with bigger diamonds.

Charisma is the engagement ring in wedding ring quality. The ring band is hardened using special processes, as done for wedding rings. Its shape makes it fit perfectly to the later wedding ring.

The first-class diamonds are held in different diamond settings. Discover the many possibilities of Charisma engagement rings with diamonds. Have fun.

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Engagement Rings with Diamonds

Every engagement ring in our Charisma collection has at least one diamond in the centre of the ring. The diamond is the radiant centre of the Charisma engagement rings. Its radiance tells a special love story - your love story.

Quality Engagement Rings with Diamonds

That is why quality is of central importance for the engagement rings with diamonds. Charisma combines the quality of a wedding ring band with the quality of certified diamonds. The ring shanks of Charisma engagement rings with diamonds undergo the same manufacturing processes as wedding rings. In particular, these are hardening processes that make the wedding rings fit for a lifetime and reduce wear marks.

The setting of the diamonds is firmly connected to these hardened ring shanks. These are also specially developed processes that make engagement rings with diamonds suitable for everyday wear. The diamond is set into the engagement ring with the help of prongs or a bezel setting. It is irresistible every time the diamond slides into the setting of the engagement ring with a click.

Zertified Engagement Rings

At acredo we basically offer the best diamond qualities for engagement rings. The premium selection of stones from 0.3 ct has perfect symmetry. The cut quality is 3 x excellent. All diamonds are certified and come with a GIA certificate. This corresponds to the highest international standard. We do not allow any fluorescence in the diamonds. In total we offer 5 different qualities for your engagement ring with diamonds: G-si, G-vs, G-if, E-if and D-if. And all this at a very attractive price-performance ratio. Compare.

And get active with our designer. Add diamonds to the centre stone on the ring shank or use different colours and alloys. Let your creativity run free. The Charisma engagement rings with diamonds leave nothing to be desired.