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Hammered wedding bands Structures

Hammered wedding rings show a wonderful structure and a handcrafted look, making them very trendy.

In addition to the hammered wedding bands, we show you designs with other acredo surfaces such as crushed, glamour, crisscross, nature, reflex. Each texture has its own charm.

Inspired by nature, your wedding rings become even more individual.

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Hammered wedding bands - always unique

Carefully, yet purposefully, one hammer stroke is placed next to the other. The end result is the uniquely structured surface of hammered wedding rings. This is available in either a shiny or a matt version and is guaranteed to embellish any ring. The result is a very natural look that looks even more spectacular when combined with diamonds. It doesn't matter whether the diamonds are worn separately to the hammered wedding ring in the form of an eternity ring or they are already set into the wedding rings.

Story of craftsmanship

Hammered wedding rings tell the story of the craftsmanship behind their creation: a goldsmith, protected by his leather apron, holds the ring in his hands and delicately applies the structure with the little hammer. Hammered wedding rings are a piece of art.

Narrow hammered wedding rings worn together with the engagement ring are particularly popular. Contrasts are often played with: the engagement ring is shiny, the wedding ring matt hammered. In this way, both rings are shown off to their best advantage and still form a harmonious ring set.

Hammered wedding bands & more

In contrast to the hammered wedding rings, rings with crushed, glamour or matt surfaces have a somewhat finer structure. Solid goldsmith craftsmanship is the basis of the 3 surfaces, which are inspired by the beauty of nature. These are crisscross, reflex and nature. Crisscross stands for the craftsmanship behind handmade textiles made from natural fibres such as linen or hemp. Reflex is reminiscent of gentle waves on which light reflections are cheerfully reflected. Nature is reminiscent of the textured bark of a tree or the structures of dried earth.

Whichever inspiration you choose, with the acredo surfaces you are guaranteed to create unique rings of your love.