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It is pure magic: when the ring is in your hand, you can see the shape of a heart. When you wear it on your finger, the heart changes into a gentle wave.

Bringing more love, happiness and joy into everyday life - that is the core of SECRET HEART® and our declared goal. That's why our actions are accompanied every day by this motto: "There can't be enough love in the world."

Wedding rings and engagement rings with the hidden heart: SECRET HEART®. Discover the secret of love in a ring shape.

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SECRET HEART® - Wedding rings with the hidden heart

Subtle romance and a little secrett characterize the SECRET HEART® brand and the partner rings, engagement rings, wedding rings and gifts designed with the hidden heart.

The detail is the design. Following this motto, designer Markus Franz used his craftsmanship and passion to create the special heart shape of SECRET HEART®, which, when viewed from above, becomes visible on the side of the rings. An enchanting heart.

SECRET HEART® – the Design

The SECRET HEART® shape can be depicted on one or both sides of the rings. This results in a wide variety of designs for the SECRET HEART® wedding rings. The tip of the heart serves as a tapering element of the wedding ring band and thus also perfectly accentuates an engagement ring, for example. An engagement ring and a SECRET HEART® wedding ring fit together seamlessly. The central stone of the engagement ring stands free like a soloist.

SECRET HEART® - The design of SECRET HEART® rings, be they partner rings, wedding rings or wedding bands, is possible with or without diamonds. If a design without stones is chosen, the focus is on the heart shape. This can be combined with a polished, matt or structured surface on the ring band.

Diamonds are of course highlights that underline the SECRET HEART® design. Depending on the number and setting of the stones, wedding rings or wedding bands are created in a variety of styles from classically elegant to luxurious. In any case, they go straight to the heart.

SECRET HEART® – Proposal with heart

A pair of rings with the SECRET HEART® design on the ladies' and the men's ring makes a wonderful partner ring. How could you profess your love more discreetly than with a hidden heart?

A single SECRET HEART® ring for the lady of your heart makes the perfect marriage proposal. Set with sparkling diamonds, the joy sure is twice as great.

SECRET HEART® and acredo - two brands with one motto: There can't be enough love in the world. Let yourself be inspired and bring joy and happiness into your everyday life.