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Engagement Rings around $ 2,000

The engagement ring and its value are becoming more and more important. Find here the most beautiful designs from acredo for your engagement ring around $ 2,000.

For this popular, medium budget around $ 2,000, we offer you a large selection of elegant and high-quality engagement rings with diamonds up to 0.5ct. The quality of the diamonds is excellent. They come with an international top certificate from GIA.

Engagement rings around $ 2,000 are made with love in Germany. Craftsmanship Made in Germany.

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Elegant Engagement Rings around $ 2,000

An engagement ring between around $ 2,000 is in the middle price range. In America, the rule is that an engagement ring should be worth 3 months' salary. In Europe, people are a bit more cautious in this regard. However, the average value of an engagement ring has been increasing significantly in recent years. Therefore, an engagement ring around $ 2,000 is realistic. So the question is: what are the options for an engagement ring around $ 2,000?

Colour and alloy for an engagement ring around $ 2,000

Whether you choose one of the acredo designs shown or design the engagement ring yourself using the configurator - the possibilities are many. For your perfect engagement ring around $ 2,000, you can choose between high-quality gold and platinum alloys. A tip: first think about what colour the engagement ring should be. After that, it will be much easier for you to choose the alloy. If the eengagement ring around $ 2,000 is to be in yellow gold, rose gold, red gold or signature gold, decide between 14 and 18 kt. If the engagement ring is to be white or silver, you have the option between white gold 14 or 18 kt and platinum.

Diamonds in an engagement ring around $ 2,000

What size is the diamond that "man" gets for an engagement ring around $ 2,000? Besides the colour and alloy of the ring, the size and quality of the diamond is also decisive for its effect. Diamonds up to a size of 0.5ct fit into an engagement ring around $ 2,000. This size is quite considerable and makes for stunning engagement rings.
At acredo, we only offer you the best diamond qualities anyway. Because we are convinced that only the best is good enough for your love. Accordingly, you choose from top diamond qualities the one suiting you, your wishes and your budget best. From 0.3 ct, you automatically receive a GIA certificate for your diamond. The cut quality is excellent, the symmetry perfect. The diamond has a laser inscription of the certificate number and no fluorescence.

Designs for engagement rings around $ 2,000

The fact that we at acredo offer cast and CNC made engagement rings around $ 2,000, using two different manufacturing processes, creates an extraordinary variety of designs. If you are a fan of harmoniously curved rings, opt for a cast engagement ring. If you want the engagement ring to have the same hardness and thus resistance as a wedding ring, then opt for a CNC-made model with an add-on setting. The ring band itself can range from classic single-colour without additional stone setting to multi-coloured variants with additional stone setting on the side. The look of a vintage engagement ring around $ 2,000 is created when the ring rail is set with small pearls, the so-called milgrain or millgriff.

Setting styles for engagement rings around $ 2,000

How is the diamond held securely in the engagement ring? The diamond as the central ambassador of your love can be held securely by small prongs in varying numbers, e.g. 4, 6 or 8 prongs, or by a continuous rim called bezel setting. Fine prongs are in vogue. However, care should be taken to ensure that they do not bend too easily. Therefore, at acredo we take care to strike a balance between delicacy and security of the prongs. The diamonds themselves can have different shapes. Even for engagement rings around $ 2,000, the round-cut diamond, the brilliant, is the most popular. Engagement rings with princess diamonds rank second. Growing in popularity are more unusual cuts, such as the oval, Marquise, Emerald or Baguette diamond.

Have a lot of fun and a lucky hand in choosing your perfect engagement ring. For love. For ever.